The mountain starting from the small path which is rarely informed to people. Only local people know this route which towards to mountain because it is located in tiny rural area of South Korea. From 2016, 2years ago, Nun has hoped to climb this mountain and she suggested to Wan several times. Cold winter air was surrounded their skin and grey clouds were coming toward to upon their heads. “Clouds are coming, we should have chosen another day.” Wan said.

“But we don’t have much time to visit here, you know.” Nun answered with glancing up to him.

After about 10minutes walking, they met the fork of the path. “When we see this map, we would better to take the left-hand fork.” She kept silence for a while and said, “Well, how about we choose right-hand? It’s the little hard and steep pass, but I want to deal it with you.” They gazed each other for a while without any mention and chose the steep mountain pass. During about 1hours, they just concentrated on their own hiking having a distance, didn’t say anything. She sometimes stopped to admire the scenery or took photos and he just followed behind her. But both of them often used to be lost in thought deeply. With deep and sedate eyes, he had moved each step and she had seemed like reminiscing something precious, having serious eyes. Continuously they proceeded climbing their way, and in the middle of the mountain, met quite a difficult route to ascend without helping each other. Because they didn’t bring any implements for hiking, He started to take her by the left hand and were in the forefront. After 15minutes of hiking, suddenly more darken clouds was approaching their site.

“Dark clouds was coming fast, definitely it will change rain, we have to descend the mountain, now.” Wan said hurriedly. “But I want to go little more, there are 20minutes left to reach on the top.” Nun said calmly. He shook his head with grimacing at her. “You have to select the day after you confirm the weather cast, it is a basic thing, do you understand what I’m saying?” He said it keeping eye contact directly with her. In a moment, her face didn’t conceal getting hurt. Without saying, she turned on her heel toward to the top and started climbing the rest at the front. She didn’t look back him, just progressively mounted for the top. Suddenly, tiny ice flakes started to drop on her face awakening fresh sense in a flash. Enormous clouds disappeared and a lot of frozen crystals was shining at the light grey sky. Snow started coloring everywhere white and covered mildly. After a few minutes later, they finally reached the top of the mountain and stopped for a while. They were stunned into silence. In front of them, There was a vast plain and numerous birch forest spread out before my eyes. Ceaseless white birches were stretched toward to the sky vertically and they endlessly packed as if there was no end. Maintaining distances, they strolled at the forest feeling weird beauty of this reversed color when compared to normal trees. Every moment they could feel majestic beautiful scenery, but the more they got into the forest, the more they couldn’t see well each other. Snowflakes are continuously decorated their scene with endless white birches. In his sight, she appeared and disappeared frequently because of numerous trees. She just strolled her way and finally disappeared without finding him anymore.